The Owhaoko A Lands offer a diverse range of activities and opportunities.

With its close proximity to the original release location of Sika Deer in 1905, the lands have gained a reputation as an exceptional hunting destination. The Trust recognizes the importance of maintaining sustainable deer populations and allows hunters access to the blocks during two seasons, from 10th March to 30th May and 1st October to 20th December, along with occasional culling periods.

Helisika manages all bookings, providing fast and convenient helicopter access to remote terrains and ensuring a seamless experience for hunters. Additionally, spanning over 1900 hectares, the lands boast abundant wild Mānuka (Leptospermum Scoparium), making it an ideal location for beekeepers.

During the summer months, around 1200 beehives are flown in by helicopter to the dense mānuka bush on A block land. Partnering with Westervelt Honey Ltd in Turangi and Mana Kai Honey Extraction in Northland, the Trust facilitates the harvesting of Manuka honey, creating a beekeeper’s dream environment where millions of bees thrive, diligently foraging on the flowering Mānuka, as it provides their primary source of sustenance due to the scarcity of other flowering plants during that time.