The Owhaoko lands are held in trust for the descendants of the indigenous Māori New Zealanders who lived on them.

As Māori, we consider ourselves guardians of the tāonga tuku iho (treasure) that is our land. As effective guardians, we work for the benefit of future generations, leaving the land better than when we came to it. Sustainability is paramount and is deeply embedded in all we do.

Owhaoko A East and A1B Blocks Trust is a collective of trustees with goals to ensure productivity and benefits for future generations of landowners and their whanau (family).

The Trust administers Owhaoko A East & A1B Blocks.

If you have owner interests we would love you to register your name and contact details so we can stay in touch.

Please register in your current name (or your Trust administrator).

However, it is also important you let us know under what full name the interests are held by owners or trustees appearing in the Maori Land records.

Visit this link Māori Land Court records to search for your details.

Visit the following links for more information:

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