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Majestic and rugged, the magic of owhaoko awaits

Central North Island

New Zealand

Our Land

The Owhaoko lands are held in trust for the descendants of the indigenous Māori New Zealanders who lived on them. As Māori, we consider ourselves guardians of the tāonga tuku iho (treasure) that is our land. To be effective guardians, we work for the benefit of future generations, leaving the land better than when we came to it. This is deeply embedded in all we do.

Taste Owhaoko

Owhaoko’s rugged mountains stir awe and respect. History has it that the first person to visit and lay claim to the area was the great chief Tamateapokaiwhenua. For hundreds of years after his discovery, his descendants travelled up the Mohaka River to Owhaoko to enjoy its wild beauty and to gather food.

Nestled between the Kaweka and Kaimanawa Ranges, south-east of Lake Taupo, the land acted as a pataka kai (food store house) for our people.

This food-gathering tradition continues as we now harvest premium Mānuka honey made by bees foraging on our land.

Owhaoko Mānuka honey is certified authentic and produced in limited, artisanal quantities exclusively from our ancestral lands. For a few weeks each year, hives are gently set down by helicopter amongst the uninhabited wilderness.

Our Harvest

The taste of wild perfection in every drop

Mānuka honey is world-renowned for its natural wellness and healing properties: it contains over 200 unique signature compounds not found in other honey. The UMF™ (Unique Mānuka Factor) rating on each jar relates to the proportion of UMF™ compounds found in that batch of honey — the powerful trilogy of leptosperin, dihydroxyacetone (DHA) and methylglyoxyl (MGO) in particular help determine the UMF™ rating. The higher the proportion of UMF™ compounds, the higher the UMF™ rating of the honey.

Because our lands are so remote, we proudly produce some of the purest Mānuka honey available.

Owhaoko Mānuka honey is independently laboratory tested and certified as pure, authentic, and as meeting the New Zealand Government Ministry for Primary Industries standards for monofloral Mānuka honey.

Our membership of the UMFHA (Unique Mānuka Factor Honey Association), provides further independent certification that our products are premium quality, authentic Mānuka honey.

Look for the UMFHA quality mark and scan the QR code on our packaging for proof your Owhaoko Mānuka honey is true and authentic.


Be as active or relaxed as you desire, Owhaoko has many precious gifts to reveal to the perceptive traveller.

Owhaoko is wild perfection. We offer bespoke ecotourism experiences to discerning travellers seeking a unique luxury wilderness experience.

Stay in our deluxe mountain cabin accommodation, soak up grand vistas and guided or unguided hiking tours through native forests and alpine grasslands. Pristine rivers are perfect for trout fishing or swimming.

Everyone who visits Owhaoko understands it is a deeply special place. Owhaoko is accessible by helicopter from the Taupo or Hawkes Bay regions.